Liturgical Ministries


Please check the ministries of your choice and write your name at the bottom of the whole list.


Ministries pertaining to the Sunday Masses

1____Mass coordinator: overseeing all needs before and after the Mass


2____Altar servers: children 10 years & older to assist the priest during Mass 


3____Altar servers: young adults & adults to assist the priest during Mass


4____Lectors: parishioners proclaiming the Word of God during Mass


5____Eucharistic ministers: to serve the Eucharist during Mass


6____Ushers, men and women: committed to taking up the collections, giving out bulletins, greeting, etc.


7____Choir É.adult choir at the 9:00am Mass  É.occasional childrenŐs choir at 9:00am Mass


8____Music committee: to evaluate and to advice on the music at our Sunday Masses


9____Liturgy committee: helps to make our liturgies beautiful celebrations and create a program for spirituality in the parish


10____Greeters: to greet and welcome people on the sidewalks of the Church in good weather and inside the foyer of the parish center always


11____Help with ChildrenŐs liturgy of the word: Adults who can proclaim the Sunday readings to children in a simple way in a separate room, give a simple homily and engage them in hands on activities. Grades 3-5 can be junior aides, 6-8 can serve as aides, others are welcome.


12____Gift bearers: to bring bread and wine in the offertory procession and present them to the presiding priest in the name of the congregation.


13____Missalette Ministry: help straighten up the pews after Masses to make the Church presentable for the next Mass.


Family Mass at 9:00am

(This Mass provides better participation for families with young children in the celebration of the Mass):

14____General help to organize and celebrate this Mass better

15____Family Mass: help with making the family Mass booklets before the Mass and collect them afterwards


16____Family Mass: help to recruit gift bearers


17____Family Mass: help with coffee socials after the Mass


Youth Mass and Youth Ministry

18____Join the youth mass choir. Teens through adults sing at the 5:00pm Youth Mass. Play contemporary Christian music at the Youth Mass (drums, guitar, flute, piano)


19____Lectors: Youth who are confirmed


20____Ushers:  All our youth




22____Eucharistic Ministers


23____Help with coffee socials after the Mass, adults and teenagers


Altar Society

24____Devoted to the beautification and care of the Church



Faith Formation

Ministry to the Sick

Bereavement and Spirituality


Faith Formation of Children and Adults

Adult Education  

25____Catechists: to teach religious education to our children


26____Aides: not to be catechists but to help in other ways during classes


27____Join the Parents Group: To foster more involvement of the parents in the ministries and activities of the parish


28____Help with First Communion: To organize programs for parents so that they could understand the meaning of this Sacrament and help with the First Communion Mass


29____Help with first reconciliation: To make parents and children understand this Sacrament and to organize its celebration 


30____Help with Confirmation: to help parents understand this Sacrament and to organize the Confirmation Mass


31____Help with receptions connected with religious formation of children and adults


32____Help with the religious formation of É. unbaptized adults (RCIA),  É.baptized adults needing more formation  É. children


33____Be a sponsor for unbaptized adults wishing to join us


34____Committee for adult education: to organize adult education programs in the parish such as Bible study, Lenten programs, etc.


35.___ Ministers to the Sick: To bring Communion to the homebound parishioners, pray with them, etc.



36 _____Join the Bereavement Committee: to attend to the needs of the bereaving families by calling them after death, visiting them where needed, listening to their needs, etc.


37 _____ Supply a meal at the time of death



38 _____Help with the adoration on Fridays at 6:00pm


39   _____Interested in working on Spirituality in the Parish



40 ____ Interested in promoting vocations to the priestly and religious life


41 ____ Legion of Mary: group dedicated to our Blessed Mother


Service Opportunities


Pastoral Council

42____Willing to serve on the Pastoral Council. The Council works with the pastor in facilitating and implementing growth in the parish life


Work for Justice and Peace

43____Join the Justice and Peace Committee: to support issues of justice and peace and by supporting the needs of the community. Presently activities include help with the Shoreline Soup Kitchen, Food Collections, Sunshine Club (monthly cards to the parish shut-ins), Christmas Giving Tree, Prayer Circle, etc.


44____ Soup Kitchen: Help with the Soup Kitchen



45____Join the Stewardship Committee: to promote parishionersŐ contribution of time, talent and treasure to the parish


46____Join the Ways and Means Committee: To organize two fund raising events in the year: the Christmas Fair on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Arts and Crafts Fair on the last Saturday of June.


47____Help with the projects of the Ways and Means Committee


48____Help with the Bingo (sell admission packets, sell sheets for special games, refreshment maintain snacks)


49____Help with other occasional projects such as pancake breakfasts, social dinners, etc


50____Join the Buildings and Grounds Committee: helps in the construction of new facilities as well as in maintaining the existing buildings and grounds


51____Help with the maintenance of the buildings and grounds: carpentry, plumbing, painting, sweeping the sand off the grounds, raking leaves, landscaping, floor waxing, plumbing, electrical, etc.


52____Stuff the Sunday bulletins, help with parish mailings, etc.


Knights of Columbus

53____Would like to join the Knights: The Walter Keenan Council #6376 meets monthly and supports the Pope and all Catholic teachings through our principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


54____ If we offer baby sitting at the 9:00am Mass and other parish functions, would you help?


55____Teach Spanish to the English speaking adults  


56____Parish Garden: we grow a garden to support the local soup kitchens


57____Photography volunteers


58____Videotaping volunteer


59____ Graphics/designs for special printed materials



Social Gatherings



Social Events; Welcoming Newcomers into; Evangelization

60____Help a newly registered family integrate into the community


61____Teach English to non-English speaking adults 


62____Be a greeter at the Sunday Masses on the sidewalks of the Church in good weather and in the foyer of the parish center throughout the year or on other occasions


63____Serve at the Coffee Socials after the Mass you attend


64____He a host/hostess at the Coffee Socials at the Mass you attend


65____Help (cook, serve, clean up) with parish dinners, picnics, Mardi Gras dinner


66____Help (cook, serve, etc.) with pancake breakfasts, Communion Breakfast, fellowship in general


67____Help Fr Michael at the rectory when he has parish dinners there


68____Supply baked goods for our Sunday socials and/or for other functions


69_____Join the 39ers club: Senior Catholic parishioners to foster friendship, fellowship and support charitable activities.


Help in General

70_____ These are my skills and I am willing to help accordingly. Please call me whenever you need me.

My skills are:



Your Name:__________________________________


Tel.:______________               E-mail:_______


If you are currently doing these ministries, please write their numbers:



Remember the following Services are also offered in the parish:

Finance Committee, MenŐs & womenŐs Retreat, Marriage Preparation,

Pre-baptismal Preparation, Hospital Ministry