Adoration is now stopped until Lent


 I came, stumbling
across the threshold of your house falling into pieces on your floor.
Once again, the vessel broken
scattering across the Holy Ground of your Presence.

Only so precious few hours, no, minutes, before had I petitioned for Your Strength,
Your Wisdom, Your Holy Silence and your Peace.

And here I was, in pieces,
Broken intentions, fallen to the floor
As my tears of failure.
I love you so much
Why can't I do what I intend for You?
Why do I always fail?
Why can I not step into 
the Silence of Your Love
when I am tempted?
Why is it so hard?

Your precious hands pick up my pieces
so lovingly holding them together
and making me whole again
with the glue of your Love.

And then, 
as if that wasn't enough,
You poured Yourself out into my chalice
to overflowing,
Baptizing me once again
in your Love,
Holding me together with your Strength
Picking me up with Your Courage
Molding me.

Into my ear You Whispered
Words of Love and Hope
Words of comfort
In Your Plan.

You poured Yourself out 
To overflowing.
Overflow, you said,
Into my people.

All praise be Yours, my Lord, My Life,
For Your loving kindness and mercy.